Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse
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2017 Eclipse Across America

A solar eclipse is coming on August 21.  
Beaufort County will not have school on that day. 

While Bluffton will only experience a partial eclipse (over 97% of the sun will be covered) other places in North Beaufort County will have over 99% coverage.

The path of totality (where 100% of the sun is covered by the moon) cuts through the center of our state from Charleston to Columbia to Greenville.  Families may want to travel to experience the total eclipse. 


How it works

What to Know about the Eclipse in Bluffton:

  • Start of partial eclipse: 1:15 pm
  • Maximum eclipse: 2:46 pm
  • End of partial eclipse: 4:09 pm 
  • All students will receive eclipse glasses the Friday before the eclipse. 
  • Always wear the eclipse glasses while looking at the sun! The eclipse will NOT cover the sun 100% so the glasses must be worn the entire time while looking at the sun.

Safely Observing the Sun
Step by Step Eye Safety

Learn More about the Solar Eclipse


NASA Eclipse 101: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

NASA en 

All graphics are from NASA.