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Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

A PTO is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  The objectives of the PTO are: to promote the welfare of our students at home, school and in the community; to foster a working relationship between home & school and parents & teachers; and, conduct fundraising projects for the benefit of students and teachers.

The PTO provides funds and volunteer support for MC Riley based on the needs for the school year.  Each year the PTO sets a budget of expenses based upon the requests of teachers and recommendation of the principals.  The needed income to cover the expenses come from the PTO fundraising events throughout the year.

Last year, the M.C. Riley PTO provided "Back to School Night", reimbursed each teacher up to $75 for classroom supplies that they paid for with their own money; held an Ice Cream and Cookies Awards Ceremony, were involved in the yearbook production; provided Spirit Wear and Boxtops; hosted Kona Ice and Chic-Fil-A Spirit Nights, participated in Honor Roll celebrations for the students, and participated in Teacher Appreciation week by providing catered lunches, gift cards and gift baskets to our teachers.

PTO Membership

Becoming a PTO member demonstrates your support and entitles you to make motions and vote at regular PTO meetings.  Annual basic membership is $10.00 per family. Blue level is $20.00 per family. Gold level is $40.  

PTO Members actively work to raise funds to support our school, teachers and students. PTO funds support teachers by supplementing classroom supplies, help in the purchase of equipment, educational programs, even furniture. Please become a PTO Member and follow the M.C. Riley PTO on Facebook.