Hello My Name Is...

Amy Fleury

Welcome to my page!  I have been teaching at M.C. Riley for 7 years and have loved every minute of it. For my first 4 years, I taught second grade and now have been teaching Kindergarten through Second Grade STEM.  In addition to teaching STEM, I also teach a second grade ELA block, which allows our second grade classrooms to have a more skills focused learning environment.

As a STEM teacher, I have found that our students benefit not only from having to think creatively, but they also need to learn how to synergize with their peers to solve problems.  These skills are important for students to develop early on while also providing students of all academic and social abilities to work together and experience success. 

My mission as an educator is to create a positive and safe learning environment where all of my students are inspired to learn and are motivated   to achieve their academic and personal goals. I will put forth my best effort in the classroom everyday so I am not only an example for my students to follow,but a leader who inspires a love of learning.