As a Learning Through Leadership school of choice in Beaufort County School District, we are on a journey of incorporating Steven Covey’s seven effective habits to build individual accountability and academic achievement for all students. We teach and practice an inside out model of personal development: be proactive; begin with the end in mind; put first things first; think win win; seek first to understand, then be understood; synergize; and sharpen the saw. Students in each class create a Mission Statement to guide their learning. Each Mission Statement supports our school-wide goal of improving performance in English Language Arts and math fluency. Each quarter students define Wildly Important Goals (WIGS) to chart their progress towards meeting academic and personal milestones. This year we have created class, grade/ team, and school wide data walls to document our progress towards reaching our schoolwide WIGS. 

During the 2016- 2017 year each grade level, ESOL, and related arts teams tracked student progress through a random sampling method towards the acquisition of content vocabulary. Our success rate is 96% of our students met or exceeded their goals!! As we expand our knowledge of The Leader In Me, teachers and students revamped our quarterly celebrations, we have formed a Student Leadership Team, celebrated our second annual Leadership Day on February 23, 2017, posted data walls documenting our progression towards yearly goals. We live Learn, Love, Lead in our approach to teaching and learning, and our responsibility to one another.

Using assessment data teachers planned for instruction during the spring, implementing after school tutoring support, flexible grouping, response to intervention, and active student and parent conferencing. Our focus is to boost student growth up a TIER towards the Meet and Exceeds categories. The 2017 test administration will be the state’s second year using the assessments SC Ready and SC PASS as measurements in math, English language arts, and in 4th and 5th grade social studies or science. 

2017 SC READY 
English  Meets and Exceeds   
Whole School   40.2% Statewide: 40.0% 
 3rd grade  36.0% District: 40.4%
 4th grade  38.6%  
 5th grade  45.0%

Math  Meets and Exceeds   
Whole School   53.5%  Statewide: 42.1%
 3rd grade  50.5%  District: 45.6%
 4th grade  58.4%  
 5th grade  51.7%



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