Standard 15


STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: School/program engaged in a continuous improvement process for STEM. 

Science Budgets, Title I and GAP Resources allotted to STEM initiatives

Resource management at Michael C. Riley sets support for STEM programs as a priority. In addition to allotting $1,800 per year for science materials budgets, student activities funds are set aside for STEM projects and needs that come up throughout the year. Our initial STEM Lab teacher position was created from within our staffing allotment, meaning that the STEM lab was set as a priority above other staffing needs. During the last five years, teacher responsibilities and student disbursement have been reassigned again in order to add a second STEM lab teacher so that all students in grades K-5 have access to a STEM lab setting beyond their classroom, and teachers have access to the collaborative professional development that immerses them in engineering practices to apply in their own classrooms.  Due to the demographic makeup of our students, M.C. Riley also qualifies for Title I funding, and has qualified for federal GAP funds within the past five years to assist the English Language Learner population to achieve at comparable levels to native English speakers.

These funds have been largely earmarked for STEM after-school and summer programs, professional development in the area of STEM, and resources needed to implement these initiatives.

Finally, we have taken advantage of district STEM resources when available to order classroom supplies and kits for students to use in their hands-on activities and challenges.

The attached table details prioritized STEM expenditures from these various sources.

Click here to view the STEM expenditures table