Standard 14


STEM SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES: Students develop STEM skills and cross-cutting competencies that support workforce readiness. 

INITIATIVE NAME: Public Speaking Goals and Rubrics

As students seek to “Find their Voice,” which is the eighth Habit from the Leader in Me, they are strongly developing the twenty-first century skill of communication. M.C. Riley has adopted a schoolwide public speaking goal, in which scaffolding is provided to help students build confidence in communicating with others by focusing on first speaking within small groups in their classrooms, then to the whole class, and finally to the entire grade level, primarily by sharing their accomplishments at goal-sharing ceremonies during the third and fourth quarters. 

Communication is not only an area of focus as it prepares our learners for collaborating with others in future grades and careers, it is a primary life skill of particular importance for our large population of English language learners. Just as these students are supported through the various stages of language acquisition and production, their confidence is encouraged in speaking with others through the school’s focus on public speaking. STEM instruction also lends itself to refining public speaking skills, as students need to be able to communicate with other members of their team, their teachers, and also to their whole class when they share out during the test phase of the Engineering Design Process. 

Included below is data from the 2018-2019 Leader in Me Measurable Results Assessment that demonstrates a decrease of 10.71%  from the previous year in the area of Public Speaking. In order to support our students in helping them build confidence in themselves and their ability to speak in front of others, rubrics were created for student use and reflection. These rubrics are used age-appropriately schoolwide to keep all students and teachers aware of and striving for the best communication skills that students can develop. 

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K-2 Rubric  3-5 Rubric