Standard 8


SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING: Students engage in self-directed STEM learning guided by educators who are effective facilitators of learning. 

INITIATIVE NAME: 3i Model of Instruction for student-directed learning

All teachers at M.C. Riley are working to implement the 3i approach to learning, which is the structure of the Empowered Learning model from The Leader in Me ®.  The goal of this model is to “empower students to lead their own learning and engage in higher-order thinking through key Paradigm Shifts and progressive instructional methods,” and allows teachers to act as facilitators as students direct their own learning. Through this collaborative approach in which lessons “Ignite Curiosity,” give opportunities to “Investigate” topics and skills of focus, and “Invite Connections” through academic discussions and dialogue, students are engaged with twenty-first century skills and become directors of their own learning in STEM disciplines and across the curriculum. Sample 3I lesson plans for each grade level show some activities which guide and support students as they create their own learning.

3i Lesson Plans
PreK 3i Lesson Plans
Kindergarten 3i Lesson Plans
First Grade 3i Lesson Plans
Second Grade 3i Lesson Plans
Third Grade 3i Lesson Plans
Fourth Grade 3i Lesson Plans
Fifth Grade 3i Lesson Plans
SPED 3i Lesson Plans

An extension of the Empowered Approach is the way in which students track their own learning and accomplishments through their leadership notebooks. They are able to track data reflecting their academic performance and progress and their achievement of goals, making them agents of change in their own academic careers. A sample of a student’s leadership notebook showing ways the student tracks his or her progress is attached. The format and information kept in student notebooks at each grade level has been a work in progress and has adapted as needed to best fit students’ needs and goals. Over time, WIG tracking has become ingrained in our school culture and in students’ daily routines. Student, class, and schoolwide data is regularly collected to evaluate our strategies, and continuing to monitor these for sustained growth and improvement is our continued focus.

First Grade Leadership Notebook
1st Grade Notebook
1st Grade Notebook