Standard 6


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Educators and leaders participate in an ongoing system of STEM-specific professional learning. 

INITIATIVE NAME: Empowering Instruction trainings on the 3i Model of Inquiry-based instruction from The Leader in Me ®

All teachers are involved in professional development related to the “i3” model of instruction, which is the structure of The Leader in Me’s Empowered Learning approach to learning as well as Cognia’s recognized evaluation rubric. This training occurs through our The Leader in Me ® initiative, and teachers are encouraged to build efficacy in practices such as student-led learning and inquiry models of instruction. Each teacher has worked through the Field Guide to Empowering Instruction in quarterly training with a regional consultant/coach from the Leader in Me ®.

The implementation aspect of the professional development sessions included grade level commitments to specific steps for collaboration and feedback on the efficacy of “Igniting Curiosity,” “Investigating Concepts,” and “Inviting Connections” within lessons at specified intervals. 

These agreements are included to demonstrate how teachers committed to working together to plan i3 lessons and what benefits were gleaned from peer observations.

As this is a relatively new initiative (introduced to staff within the past two years), more data from multiple sources will be a resource for further reflection and improvement of integrating this teaching model.

Click here to view the Leader in Me Coaching Day Agenda - January 22
Click here to view the Leader in Me Coaching Day Agenda - September 18

Grade Level Commitments

Reflections on i3 Lessons

First, grade levels offered feedback on how the commitments to plan 3I lessons together and observe other teachers had turned out in practice. 

Then, teachers reflected on how their students had responded to 3I lessons and new realizations and learning accomplished as facilitators of learning.

Brainstorms also captured initial reactions to 3I lessons, as well as “wishes and dreams” for making the process of peer observations smoother and more beneficial.

i3 Reflections
i3 Reflections