Standard 5


COMMUNICATION: Leaders ensure that all stakeholders have ongoing opportunities to access information and learn about STEM implementation. 

INITIATIVE NAME: Cardboard  Challenge

Cardboard Challenge has been a popular annual STEM event in which students collaborate with their family members to design interactive games, activities, and models. The goal of the challenge is to use the Engineering Design Process to create an engaging event that includes many science and math concepts. Students lead the project from concept to presentation, making improvements until arriving at a successful project. The project extends beyond the regular school day to allow for outside collaboration and invites the school community to take part at home. Final projects are displayed and played during an at-school evening event open to families and the community. 

On reflection, needs are noted for documenting our success in creating such an engaging and inclusive event. Further data will help us to make specific decisions regarding the timing and focus of the Cardboard Challenge, as well as to embed it within practices throughout the year.