Standard 12


STEM CURRICULUM ORGANIZATION: School/program provides high-quality STEM courses and curriculum aligned to recognized standards and organized into interdisciplinary frameworks. 

INITIATIVE NAME: STEM activities in STEM Lab and Classrooms aligned to Units of Study. 

In addition to following a district-wide curriculum map that ensures that all classrooms offer opportunities for students to interact with all grade-level standards throughout the year, each of our grade levels has developed a comprehensive layout of their units of study or themes throughout the year, aligning concepts from across grade levels. In turn, real-world problems and design challenges are aligned to those curricular units. These problem-solving opportunities are offered both through STEM lab integration and within classrooms. 

Cross-curricular connections such as research, application of math skills, or presentation skills can be integrated within the content (often science- or social studies-related) of the problems. For example, fourth grade students learn research skills while researching the characteristics of Mars and types of parachutes, with the goal of building a parachute to land equipment in the next Mars mission. They apply math skills of time interpretation and rounding to hundredths while testing their own parachute ideas, and learn presentation skills when creating slide decks and presenting their projects to their teacher and peers.

Units of Study aligned to STEM challenges and problems for each grade level are attached to demonstrate how learning content is integrated.

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Units of STudy with


More thorough implementation of interdisciplinary units of study and problem-based learning is an opportunity for growth. Collecting data related to the effectiveness of theme-based and interdisciplinary learning in the areas where it is implemented would be a key factor in building capacity around integrating curriculum and proving its effectiveness to support its expansion.