Standard 11


STEM DISCIPLINE INTEGRATION: STEM learning experiences integrate all STEM disciplines with an emphasis on processes and practices associated with STEM. 

INITIATIVE NAME: Engineering Design Processes taught and applied through STEM challenges

Schoolwide, the curriculum at M.C. Riley engages students with concepts through inquiry-based learning and challenges that incorporate the Engineering Design Process. Students are regularly tasked with iteration, reflecting on the outcomes of their particular strategy and changing some elements to improve the results. The Engineering Design Process is taught explicitly in the STEM Lab settings and is applied to problem-solving and challenges related to many topics across classrooms. 

Attached are lesson plans from STEM Lab outlining the specific steps of the Engineering Design Process and the ways that students are invited to engage with each step of the iterative process. Examples of STEM challenges using the Engineering Design Process done within regular classrooms are also provided and aligned to grade-specific units and content.

Click here to view the STEM Lab Lesson Plans

While regular reflection and modification of STEM lessons and applications of the Engineering Design Process are already in place, enhancing our processes for data collection directly related to the Engineering Design Process is a way that we can improve this initiative.