Standard 4


LEADERSHIP: School/program has established a shared vision for STEM and has leadership structures to support effective implementation. 

INITIATIVE NAME: Staff Shared Leadership Teams

As a Leader in Me school, Michael C. Riley fosters a culture where all students and staff members, as well as our community stakeholders, are encouraged to take on leadership roles in our school.  Twenty student leaders, grades 1st-5th, serve on our student lighthouse team which is our student leadership team. The student lighthouse team acts as the voice of the student body and serves as liaisons between students and staff, delivering suggestions and ideas to improve the academic and social climate of the school.  

Our entire faculty also serves on leadership teams of their choosing, where goals are set to improve the academic environment, enhance student leadership in our school, and encourage community and family involvement in our school.  The attached Staff Leadership Team Lotus highlights the “big rocks” which are our staff selected goals for the current school year. This shared leadership structure supports all of the activities of the school, including clubs that are STEM oriented, 3I professional development, and presenting events. Click here for a larger view of the MCRES Leadership Team Lotus.
Leadership Lotus