Standard 3

STEM COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: School/program engages diverse STEM community in order to support and sustain STEM programs and initiatives. INITIATIVE NAME: May River Cleanup

Michael C. Riley participates in a partnership with the Town of Bluffton Water Quality Division. Stormwater experts have worked with students on lessons to help them understand the importance of taking care of the water around us and solving problems through the steps of the engineering design process. With this hands-on partnership, students are able to build real-world connections to the environment and people in our community while immersing themselves in a relatable topic with experts as their guides. 

Through this partnership, students and their families participate in the annual May River Cleanup every April. Between twenty and forty families generally attend the May River Cleanup (as evidenced by the attached sign-in sheets). Other families clean up their neighborhoods and post their pictures on social media or send them to school to demonstrate their participation. To help build an understanding of a safe and efficient clean-up, teachers have their classes participate in practice clean-ups at school. This encourages students to become leaders at home and promote participation with their families. Photos of each of these types of participation are attached. 

May River Cleanup
Tony MillsAs a reward for participation in the cleanup, MC Riley students got to participate in a special animal presentation by Tony Mills from the Coastal Kingdom! Click here or the image to see the students engaging with our local Lowcountry wildlife! Town of Bluffton