Indicator 6.3

6.3 STEM educators collaborate as an interdisciplinary team to plan, implement, and improve integrated STEM learning experiences.

Teachers within each grade level meet on a weekly basis to collaborate with each other and support teachers, such as ESOL and Literacy Interventionists. A common planning time is shared by teachers at a particular grade level, and Wednesdays are designated for collaboration between teachers. This time is focused on developing units of study and interdisciplinary activities across the grade level, and working with consultants from the school district, as well as a consultant from the S2TEM Center SC, who helps teachers develop greater questioning skills, inquiry-based activities, and integrated units.

The schedule below indicates the scheduled planning time during the school day for each grade level:

6.3 schedule

Planning days and half-days have also been conducted among grade-level teams to work with a consultant from the S2TEM Center SC to develop integrated units of study. Sample agendas from these planning days follow:

The entire faculty has also had numerous opportunities for intensive, holistic professional development trainings and workshops with Rhett Nettles, a consultant from the S2TEM Center SC. This has occurred over the course of a three-year period.

Dates of those Faculty Meetings and In-Service sessions, as well as agendas from Professional Development sessions, follow:

6.3 PD