School Hours

The school day at Michael C. Riley begins for students at 7:45 AM  and ends at 2:45 PM.  It is important to attend school every day in order to have the best educational experience. 

If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days parents will be contacted by the Data Specialist at the school.  The school board or its designee can approve or disapprove absences in excess of ten (10) days. 

South Carolina defines truancy as three consecutive unlawful student absences.  A student absence is unlawful if the parent does not send in a note explaining the absence or if the parent has removed the student from school for a reason other than personal illness, death, or a religious holiday.  If a student is unlawfully absent from school more than ten (10) days consecutively, he/she will be withdrawn from membership.  Parents are encouraged to have their child/children at school every day barring circumstances that require the student to remain at home.  Please remember to send a note to school explaining the absence when your child/children returns to school.